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  M! Media

R - Reliability
M - Maintainability
A - Availability

That’s RM&A. That’s M! Media.

Managing and maintaining social media platforms can be daunting for public company executives.  In addition to running a company, you are already stretched to manage expectations to stakeholders, board members and opinion leaders.

Outsource your social media strategy needs to us.  We will build, manage and maintain your social media platform; all for less than half the cost of an FTE.


M!Media will research your top influencers, create and maintain relationships with Bloggers, PR reps & Press Writers, to keep on top of competitors, and trends in ‘Client Space’.    We’ll write and have you approve our copy; then post relevant and specific news and newsworthy articles, all in real time. 


m!Media will build, manage and maintain all social platforms pertaining to your company; plus oversee all current and future projects including Web Development, Facebook, Twitter, Blog channels, Google ads / analytics, Youtube, Hootsuite et al.  We will take you through a simple strategy session and consolidate or create – dependent on your needs.


Social Media doesn’t sleep, nor have holidays.   We are available 24-7 and will attend client openings, events, press conferences, launches, live tweeting/posting from events, we’ll record video clips and or short ‘sound-bytes’;  whatever is relevant to you to fit your needs.

The ‘Art’ of Social Media is ALL about the details.   It is about managing ‘minutia’.

  • Website content / news / press release integration / dissemination to key audience

  • Create and manage content via Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or other relevant platforms

  • Post and police investor and industry blog sites

  • Strengthen presence via Google and other Search Modalities

Contact Email: deanna@raymatthews.ca or Phone: 250 650 4327 or Twitter: @M_Media_

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