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From the outset, we like to think of ourselves as ‘sector agnostic’, and focus on backing companies with people with deep expertise, unbridled passion yet possess a timely opportunity to share with our financial network.

We begin our company review after receiving your company summary (see Mentoring Materials section); and if we believe we can add value, will request an initial meeting; or will steer you to other folks whom we believe could be more of a fit for you. From there, we progress to the whiteboard and learn more about your company, building a strategy, and a timeline for execution.

Through this foundation of expertise and approach, we are proud that we are respected in our industry for being results-driven, loyal and also committed in our guiding philosophy, never one to follow the trend.

We are committed to staying true to our founding tenets—be collaborative, respect entrepreneurs, and support companies for the long haul.

Company building is long, hard work, but the rewards clearly eclipse the effort.

“The person who follows the crowd, will usually get no further than the crowd.

The person who walks alone is likely to find him/herself in places no one has ever been before.
Creativity in living is not without its attendant difficulties, for peculiarity breeds contempt.
And the unfortunate thing about being ahead of your time is that when people finally realize you were right, they'll say it was obvious all along.

You have two choices in life:
You can dissolve into the mainstream, or you can be distinct.
To be distinct, you must be different.
To be different, you must strive to be what no one else but you can be . . ."

- Allan Ashley Pitt

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